September Message for Parents and Carers ~ Welcome Back

Dear Parents and Carers,  


I am very happy to say that we have made a fantastic start to the new term. 

Every child has arrived back to school and they are all very happy to be here.  

It is really lovely to see them all again. We’re still getting used to the new classes that they are now in!! 

(How did MY year ones get to be in year 6?!) 

Children have been following the new safety rules very well – we are very proud of them.   

Just a few reminders and new systems to help us get the new term off to an even better start:  

  • ALL children, as they have always done, need a pair of plimsolls as their INDOOR shoes  
  • We would like PE kits to go home on a Friday and arrive back on a Monday please – this is to help with the weekend deep clean 
  • Children only need a  BOOK BAG, PE BAG and PACKED LUNCH – we simply have NO room for any other bags    
  • We are trying to become a 100% single use plastic free school so please do not send in any single use plastic bottles – this is part of our on-going mission to care for God’s Creation  
  • Please NAME everything!! Water bottles / clothes / coats / plimsolls – this really helps your child find their own belongings 
  • The morning gates will now close promptly at 9:10 as our one way system at the front of school is working very well and other gates are working very well too 
  • The afternoon gates will now close at 15:10 as the collection system we designed is working very well too 
  • Dragons’ Den after school club IS OPEN and available  from 15:00-17:00 so please do book in if you need a space 
  • Breakfast club is open from 07:30 so again, just ring us if you need a place 

We have a new phone number! It is 01904 806192 

Please do ring us if you have any questions. 

Thank you!  

Mrs Statham and the St George’s School team