Welcome to Year Three!

The Patron Saint of our class is Saint David or Dewi Sant. We celebrate our Saint’s day on March 1st.

Meet the Team!

Our class teacher in Year Three is Mr Adamthwaite and our assistant teacher is Mrs O’Grady.  Miss Casimo teaches us Italian and Mrs. Humphries is our R.E. teacher.

School Closure – Year 3 Work Pack 

Guidance for Parents  Year 3 work pack guidance for parents

Dear Parents,
In your child’s work pack there is enough work currently set for the next 2 school weeks (10 school working days).There are suggested paper-based and optional online tasks outlined in this note. These tasks may differ according to your child’s needs. Your child has all the log in details to access the suggested online websites, these have been checked and used at school and should be found in their Home Contact Book. If you have any issues with the tasks or the online resources please contact the school on the usual email address.
In addition a ruler, pencil and rubber are provided.
The guidance we give is that they spend an approximate amount of time each day (see below) to complete the suggested tasks. We have tried as far as possible to provide answer sheets to self-mark but other tasks may need a parent or carer to review and check.
Specific details of the tasks set for the next 2 weeks are found on the reverse of this sheet. In general the following is a guide.
Optional Online Resources
The following websites can be accessed by typing the website name into Google or other search engine and clicking the relevant link. The pupils have been provided with all the login details this week and they have accessed these websites in school time previously.
Times Tables Rock Stars – Pupils can practise in ‘Garage Mode’ to ensure they are progressing at the right level.
Numbots- Maths activities and challenges
Purple Mash – There are ‘2do’ tasks which cover topics in Maths, English, Science, History and Computing.
Epic Reading – There are assigned books to read and your child can of course read any additional books that interest them. Please note this can only be accessed for free during normal school hours.
The British Council Website (www.learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org) – aimed for our English as an additional language children (EAL).

Suggested Daily/Weekly Learning Tasks for the next 2 weeks (23 March – 3 April)
We recommend your child does a Maths session and English session every day
(45-60mins per task/session). In addition your child could also try the optional online tasks.
Maths Booklet
Week 1 Daily tasks Pages 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10
Week 2 Daily tasks Pages 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18, 19-20
Week 1 Complete Test 4a
Week 2 Complete Test 4b
Times Tables
Week 1 Complete Page 18 Schofields and Simms Tables Tables activity
Week 2 Complete Page 18 Schofields and Simms Tables Tables activity
English Writing
Week 1 CGP Pages 8-9 (Mystery Stories)
Week 2 CGP Pages 10-11 (Mystery Stories)
Reading Comprehension
Week 1 Complete comprehension
Week 2 Complete comprehension
Week 1 Complete week 3 of Year 3 Term 2B booklet
Week 2 Complete week 4 of Year 3 Term 2B Booklet
Punctuation and Grammar
Week 1 CGP Book P20-23 (conjunctions)
Week 2 CGP Book P56-57 (Apostrophes)
General Topic Reading
On the Epic Reading website there are a number of books assigned to the class for our science topic on
‘Light and Shadows’ and for History ‘Romans’

Please look at the Junior Chaplaincy section of our website for ideas for Lent, Holy Week and Easter (here) and at the Pupils’ Learning section “Learning at Home” for some spiritual resources for families during school closure time. (here



R.E. is our most important subject and is at the core of our curriculum. We do 2 hours of R.E. every week, a child led liturgy every week and four other sessions of collective worship including Mass or celebration every Thursday. Please look at the R.E. dates to see the dates of Mass and celebration for the term.

Physical Education

Our PE lessons this term are on Tuesday and Wednesday – please make sure your child has the correct PE kit in school. They will need trainers, blue or black shorts and a T-shirt. We aim to have our PE lessons outside as much as possible, weather permitting, so during the colder months your child may need tracksuit bottoms and a long sleeved top.


This term we are learning about place value, addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. The children learn both mental and written methods to work out the answers. We practice our times tables and this term we learn 3’s and 4’s and revision of 5’s and 10’s. There will be opportunities for us to explore new mathematical concepts. We will also be applying our skills by solving a range of reasoning and problem solving tasks.


Each term we prepare at least 4 pieces of assessed writing. These are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction such as stories, letters, reports and many more. The children have regular grammar lessons, handwriting sessions and a weekly spelling test, which takes place every Friday morning.

The children have a reading record and we ask them and parents to sign it so that we can monitor their reading. In addition, we have Guided Reading in smaller groups every week and those children who require extra support have extra sessions.

This Autumn Term, we have been writing a winter setting description, a newspaper report, a conversation between two people and a non-chronological report about a specific animal. We will also be looking at and studying poetry.


This Autumn Term we study ‘Rocks and Soils’ and ‘Animals Diet and skeletons.’  The children will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate soil permeability. In addition, we will learn about Animal diet, muscles and skeletons. As part of our English written work, we will research and write a report about an animal’s diet and the structure of the animal’s skeleton.

Cool Time & Rotation

Every Monday afternoon the children take part in rotation activities. These sessions involve small group work in many practical activities including Arts and Crafts, Music, ICT, DT and gardening. There are often opportunities to go on a trip too.

Our Rotation Topics this year are:

  • Autumn: Mapwork
  • Spring:   Ancient Rome
  • Summer: Volcanoes


Each half term your child will receive a Homework letter with details of extra activities to further their learning. We also expect the children to read to an adult every night and practise their times tables.