Welcome to Reception!

We would like to welcome both new and existing families to our Reception class as your children continue, or begin, their journey at St George’s Roman Catholic Primary School.

Our Patron Saint in Reception is St. Nicholas

Both our Nursery and Reception classes work closely together as we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  

Our Reception teachers are Mrs Walker and Mrs O’Grady who are wonderfully supported by our assistant teachers – Miss Murray  and Mrs Allison.

The Reception year is a very special time where children learn all the skills necessary for school. We learn to be a kind friend, express ourselves effectively and be independent learners as well as beginning our journey to read and write. A lot of our learning is through play, as this is how young children learn best!

Alongside COOL time (Continuing Our Own Learning) in our indoor and outdoor environments, we have some special events during the week.

Reception enjoy:

  • Forest schools on Monday
  • Mass or Celebration on Thursday
  • Singing and Dancing on Thursday

Log into Tapesty: Online learning journalWe use Tapestry, our online learning journal system, to share your child’s day to day learning and communicate messages.

For further support using Tapestry, please see a member of the Early Years team or visit the Tapestry website for an introductory walkthrough and lots of useful information.