Year 2 News

The Nativity Story by Year 2

The children in Year 2 have been learning how to use Photostory.  After choosing images to import they sequenced the pictures to tell the story of the Nativity, then added and formatted captions for these images before using a microphone to record…

Clever Coding, Year Two!

The children in Year Two have been working very hard at coding.

We have been learning how to sequence instructions to make an algorithm work properly so that it solves a problem or puzzle, as well as how to debug an algorithm that doesn’t quite do what it should.  There has been some terrific teamwork, real persistence and lots of good fun – we have learnt lots!


As part of our Science Topic we are investigating plants and growth cycles. In order to understand this better, Year 2 have each planted their very own sunflower seeds. Watch this space for how they grow…

Ascension Cups…

 We are learning all about the Feast  of Pentecost in Religious Education at the moment. We made these Ascension Cups to represent the Ascension into Heaven of Jesus forty days after his Resurrection.