Year 2 and year 6 Scrapheap Challenge

This week year 2 and year 6 collaborated during our DT enquiry week. The aim of the week was to encourage the children to work together and persevere with challenging tasks that involved both construction skills and an understanding of the forces that operate on moving vehicles. The onus was on the children to plan, construct, redesign and evaluate their own vehicles with only minimal input from their team advisors (the members of staff). Each team had to follow the rules for the challenge which stipulated that no vehicle could have an engine or could be pushed or pulled by hand.

The week began when the classes watched an episode of the TV programme, Scrapheap Challenge. Soon after, the children divided into teams to design their vehicles. Methods of propulsion chosen included balloon power, sails and ramps. All children completed booklets showing their designs.

The construction period lasted over two days and involved the children using hacksaws, hand drills, files and other tools in order to build their vehicles. Many of the teams adjusted their designs in order to overcome snags they encountered along the way. One team, inspired by Sophie Sylvester in year 2, made the radical decision to use a catapult and sled design and had much success testing their vehicle in the hall. They were clear favourites to take the cup for the fastest vehicle.

On Friday morning we assembled in the studio to take part in time trials in order to establish which vehicle was the fastest. After the tears, trials and tribulations that followed the inevitable pressures of the race track, the Banana Squad’s vehicle was catapulted to victory by Connor (Y6), Zeynep (Y6), Wenzhen (Y2) and Harvey (Y2). The prize for most innovative vehicle went to Sophie Sylvester and the Daring DeLoreans. Other prizes were awarded for best built and best looking vehicles. The best team prize went to the Speed of Light team: Imogen (Y6), Sam (Y6), Nicholas (Y2) and Emily (Y2). All of the children received a sweet treat for their effort and involvement.

All in all, it has been a busy but fantastic week with lots of learning taking place and the children have enjoyed and risen to the challenges set for them. Well done year 2 and year 6!

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