The Dragons’ Apprentice

During the last week before the half term Y6 have been working hard on the Dragons’ Apprentice challenge set by Mrs Stevens and Mr Redmond. £100 of our school budget has been allocated to Y6 in order to enhance the school in some way in keeping with our school ethos. The children have been totally responsible for thinking of ideas and for researching and developing them. They have been working in five groups: Five Fishers, AMM (Advanced Music Madness), The Peacemakers, The Rescurers, 4.8pie.  The five teams have been working extremely hard to come up with the best possible idea. One group has been trying to promote wildlife in the school and trying to introduce fish into our school pond. The Peacemakers have came up with the phrase-“Peace at playtime”-adding playtime equipment to reduce arguments. The “AMM” team has been trying to redecorate the studio to inspire children to play different instruments.

The Dragons: Mrs Mazza, Mrs Statham and Mrs Bradshaw have been very impressed with all the exciting projects and  but they could award only one idea. The 4.8 pie’s project of painting the school mission statement on the wooden fence at the back of the school field has won.