Wow! Thank you all!

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Hello everyone!

As you know, we have a very desolate playground for our children to play on. The playground used to be a car park (to help raise money for school) which is why it was kept empty of any equipment. It is no longer a car park and now is the time to create an amazing space for our children to play and use their imaginations and spark their creativity! Our children have been deprived of spaces to play and deprived of the opportunity to play with their school friends for over a year now due to the pandemic and we want to give them every opportunity that we can. 

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Because we live in York, we would like reflect our city’s heritage by building a castle with a moat & castle village with mini houses. We would also like to add a hobbit house and climbing tunnel. We can already think of hundreds of stories that the children will be able to enact! If every single family in school does some fund raising we can easily raise the money we need. 

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We will leave it up to you to decide how you are going to raise your donation! The madder the ideas the better! We can’t wait to see what you decide to do! 


We have set up a JUST GIVING page and you will find the link below! Please share far and wide and let’s do this for our wonderful children! This will also give ALL of us something fun and exciting to think about rather than the current situation. EVERY member of staff and every governor will be doing something to raise money for this wonderful project.