Year 4 News

Coding in Year 4

In  our computing lessons in Year 4 this half term we have been exploring the important ideas of sequencing and repetition using a simple programing language called logo.  It has helped us to develop some important computational thinking skills – including persistence!  Today we applied what we have learnt in a different context, using a visual programing environment.


If you would like to have a go at home, just click on the picture!




Beautiful Spring Flowers!

Year 4 used their coding skills to create these amazing bouquets!

Investigating Shape with Logo

In Year 4 we have been using Logo, a text-based computer programming language, to explore shape.  In this week’s lesson we started to use the power of repetition to help make the algorithms that we wrote as efficient as possible – and discovered that using spaces and punctuation correctly is really important when we are writing instructions for the Logo on-screen robot!  A key skill we are developing is ‘debugging’ – the process of finding and fixing the problems (or ‘bugs’) in our code.  This, together with persistence, is a very important part of computational thinking!

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Year 4 Make a Noise for Anti-Bullying Week

Make a Noise about Bullying


This week has been anti-bullying week in school. This year has been about ‘Making a Noise about Bullying’. We have been talking about empathy and seeing if we can identify people’s emotions. We also did some role play about bullying.

Make a Noise (1) Make a Noise (2) Make a Noise (3)

Welcome Back!

snow scene

Welcome back!

We hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed lots of treats at Halloween.

We will keep updating Year 4 news during this half term for any information you will need. The new Year 4 homework sheet has been updated for this half term on the year 4 home page.

Year 4 Letter Writing

This Week…

Year 4 are learning about how to write a letter. We are going to use our new skills to write a letter to invite someone from home to our Celebration Assembly about St Andrew’s Day.

We will send out our invitations on Friday.

Learning what we need to include in a Letter.

Year 4 Mass on Thursday

St Therese of Lisieux

st therese



On Thursday, in Mass, year 4 are celebrating the feast day of St Therese. Family and friends are welcome to celebrate with us in Mass. We hope to see you on Thursday.