How will St George’s Primary support my child and how will my child be involved in this process?

All staff have been trained in a variety of different approaches to teaching and learning. We are able to adapt our teaching to meet the needs of all children. If your child needs additional support we will work together with you to liaise with other professionals. Your child will be listened to, fully involved and supported through every process. Your child may receive help in the form of:

  • Targets written with your child
  • Targeted support from the teacher in class
  • Additional support from a teaching assistant in the class
  • Adaptions to the instructions we give (e.g. verbal, visual, written)
  • Small group support (interventions) either within or outside the class
  • Alternative resources in class such as additional apparatus (e.g. writing board, ear defenders, privacy board, pencil grips, a separate work station, ICT access, visual prompts, recording devices
  • Emotional and pastoral support

Adaptations will be made to the school environment and the curriculum so that all children are able to access the curriculum and the social aspects of school life. These adjustments are referred to as ‘reasonable adjustments’. Some children may need specialist resources and or technology to support
their learning. Where possible, these resources are kept in school and both staff and pupils are trained in how to maximise their potential within the classroom environment. Some children have a Medical care plan in place so that all staff working with them are aware of their medical needs. All staff complete the relevant training in order to help children further with their medical needs. Individual Risk Assessments are carried out for children who may need additional support on school trips or in the schools learning environments both inside and out.

Individual staff training needs are identified during the Performance Management process and the school has excellent links with a wide range of professionals who provide on-going training for staff in school. SEND training is part of the whole school development plan and as such all staff receive training in carefully identified areas of SEND each year.

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