The Day Our School Became Hogwarts!

Today our school became Hogwarts!

We began the morning in the candlelit hall where our teachers gave each class important problems to solve throughout the day.


Early years were given the task of making a potion, and then working out the cost of the potion that would transform our friends or teachers into lizards! We used lots of different yukky ingredients!

We had to play music for Fluffy the two headed dog sleeping underneath the bridge so that he did not wake up! This calms him. We tried lots of different ways to move quietly over the bridge.

We also had to work out how to free all the Muggles that Voldemort had frozen in a huge block of ice! Reece came up with a fire spell that would surely melt the ice and free the people! Iona made a hammer and decided if we take the ice block outside, the hammer will smash up the ice and get them out! We tried this, and along with a little bit of our magic it worked!

We also had a game of Quidditch outside where we had to throw balls into different sized hoops scoring points for our team!

It was a magical day! Here are some photographs of our outfits and activities…