Costume designing workshop for Y6

Next Thursday, the 26th of May, the children will be spending the day designing their costumes for the play with Mr Lee Threadgold. Mr Threadgold is a drama and design consultant who works regularly with the school and the children know him well.

During this day, the children will be thinking through ideas for costumes for the two kinds of characters in their play – Quarks and Shadows – and they will begin to make costumes by exploring various techniques including sewing and dying.

Ahead of this work, it would be very helpful if the children could bring in old pieces of material (old sheets, blankets, pillow cases, fabric, ribbons etc.) they could use to make their costumes. Please bear in mind that this material will be cut and altered and will not return to you in the same state.

Additionally, on the 26th of May, each child in the class needs to bring in an object that they associate with their character in the play.