Busy week in Y6

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is going to be very busy in year 6 next week.

Next Wednesday, the 18th of May, we will be visiting the Theatre Royal in York in order to tour around the new theatre facilities. Whilst there, we will also visit the studio theatre where the children will performe their play, ‘In the Shadow of the Quarks’, on the 4th of July so that we can get a sense of how big the stage is.

Whilst we are there, we will also clarify arrangements regarding tickets for the performance so that we can let you know when they will be on sale and how they will be allocated. As mentioned previously, the studio theatre only seats 100 people and so tickets will have to be allocated fairly.

On Thursday, the 19th of May, Y6 children, together with Y2, will lead our mass in school. Please join us in the hall at 9 o’clock in the morning.The mass theme is the Holy Trinity.


Also, on Thursday afternoon, Mr Flannagan, the head of Year 7 at All Saints, will visit our children to talk about the transition to All Saints Secondary School.