‘We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one, we’re not scared!’

‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’ is one of our favourite stories! A lot of us recognised the story because our mummy’s and daddy’s have read it to us at bedtime.

We had an action packed term themed around this story book. Our ‘home corner’ was even turned into a bear cave! We used this space to look at other bear stories and to sit and relax with our friends.



We painted lots of bear and cave paintings, some of us painted friendly, happy bears but some of our bears looked quite scary and had very big teeth! The best ones went our wall display with our other artwork. We made ‘long, wavy grass’ using art straws and lots of green media, we trampled some ‘thick, oozy mud’ across a large piece of paper outside wearing our wellies, made leaves and bark for our ‘big dark forest’ using paper and card, then finally used white paint and cotton wool to make ‘swirling whirling snowstorms’.


Outside, we all went our own bear hunt! We acted out the whole story and had lots of fun!