St Andrew Enquiry Week

This week for St. Andrew’s enquiry week, we learnt about The Feeding of the Five Thousand.

Both Nursery and Reception went for a walk to the back of the field with our snack for a picnic. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring enough to share out between all of us so we could not have the snack outside, oh no! This helped us to understand how the crowd felt in the story which we all gathered around to hear.

Nursery did some bubble printing by blowing into straws to create bubbles in paint and then printing the patterns onto blue circles to represent bubbles.

As St. Andrew was a fisherman, Reception made salt dough fish that they designed and decorated themselves.


Nursery also created a sea landscape that we used in our re-telling of the story in our school shared learning assembly. It was created using mixed media; paint, paste, glitter, shells, sequins, pipe cleaners shaped as fish that we threaded beads onto and some fisherman’s rope.

Early years put on a fantastic show for the parents and other classes in school, they played their parts really well and we were all super proud!