Spring and Easter!

A lot of us have noticed lots of changes happening outside during our Easter holidays! The weather is starting to get much warmer, the sun has got his hat on, the seeds we planted in our feeders are starting to grow taller and taller out of the soil, our beautiful blossom tree is starting to bloom and we have even found lots more insects and animals around such as bees, butterflies and birds building nests in the trees!

We planted, watered and watched our own cress growing in school! We found it fascinating to see the huge changes each day!

Somebody also brought in an abandoned birds nest for us to see. The eggs were a lovely bright shade of blue and because of this we think it may have been a Robin’s nest!


During our literacy lessons, we discussed our Lenten promises, each talking about what we will give up, or do to help others during Lent.

Here are some photographs of us playing outside, enjoying the first rays of the summer sunshine!