2015-2016 Governing Body Attendance

(P = present, A = apologies, NA = absent with no apologies, R = resigned, w = withdrew majority of meeting)

Full Governing Body
GOVERNOR14/10/201503/02/201603/03/2016 (EX)04/05/201613/07/2016
Rose MazzaHeadteacherPPAPP
Dee Patton-StathamStaff GovernorPPWPP
Siona MackleworthLA GovernorPPAPP
James ShuttParent GovernorPPPPP
Sarah ToddParent GovernorPAPPP
Lorraine BradshawCo-Opted Governor (Staff)PPPPP
Canon Alan SheridanFoundation GovernorPPWPA
Henry MullenFoundation GovernorPPPPP
Penny Fewster (CHAIR)Foundation GovernorPPPPP
Marika GattFoundation GovernorXPPPP
Lyn BaxterFoundation GovernorPPPPP
Ann MiddletonFoundation GovernorPPPPP
Rachel HodgsonFoundation GovernorPPPPP
VACANCYFoundation GovernorXXXXX
Amanda DownieAssociate MemberDoesn't attend FGB meeting - appointed to support Pay Committee
Curriculum & Standards Committee
Rose MazzaHeadteacherPPPPPP
Marika Gatt (Chair)Foundation GovP (att)PPPPP
James ShuttParent GovernorXPPAAA
Sarah ToddParent GovernorPPPPPP
Allan ChambokoTBC: Foundation GovXP (att)PAAP (att)
Finance Committee
Lorraine BradshawCo-Opted GovernorPPPPP
Siona Mackleworth (Chair)LA GovernorPPPPP
Dee StathamStaff GovernorAPPPP
Rose MazzaHeadteacherPPPPP
Sarah ToddParent GovernorAPPPA
Ann MiddletonFoundation GovernorPPPAP
Caroline Buck (SBM)In AttendancePPPPP
Penny Fewster (Chair of Governors)In AttendanceAPPPP
Premises, Health & Safety Committee
Lorraine BradshawCo-Opted GovernorPPP
Rachel HodgsonFoundation GovernorPPP
Rose MazzaHeadteacherPPP
Henry Mullen (Chair)Foundation GovernorPPP
Ann MiddletonFoundation GovernorPPP
Caroline Buck (SBM)In AttendancePPP
Staffing Committee
GOVERNOR24/09/201521/01/201601/02/2016 (EX)26/05/2016
Penny FewsterFoundation GovernorPPP (att)P
Rose MazzaHeadteacherPPP (att) then WP
Canon Alan SheridanFoundation GovernorPPPP
Siona MackleworthLA GovernorPAPA
Lyn Baxter (CHAIR)Foundation GovernorPPPP
Caroline Buck (SBM)In AttendancePPAP
Pay Committee
Canon Alan Sheridan (Chair)FoundationPP
Penny FewsterFoundationPP
Siona MackleworthLAAA
Amanda DownieAppt Assoc. MemberPA
In Attendance
Rose MazzaHeadteacherPP

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