Sports Premium

Sports Premium is additional money given to most primary schools each year since 2013 to help them “make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of physical education (PE), physical activity and sport” that the school offers.  This funding is ‘ring-fenced’ and can only be spent on PE and sport.  The grant is funded in financial years, whereas school planning is based on academic years but we anticipate that this academic year’s funding will be approximately £17600.  

From previous audits of physical activity and healthy lifestyles in our school, the outcomes showed that only a select number of pupils were engaging in the sports that were available so a key aim for St George’s RC School has been to increase participation for all of our children and to show an improvement in physical activity and healthy lifestyles of our pupils.

We ensure that improvements we make are sustained and sustainable by:

  • taking good care of the resources we purchase and actively teaching our children to do the same; investments in PE equipment and resources will sustain quality provision for years to come
  • continuously building on our long term positive relationships with sporting organisations; the Total Sports subscription provides specialist coaching to our teachers and staff, providing quality CPD that will help them teach their own PE lessons both now and in future years
  • sharing staff new skills, knowledge and resources from CPD through staff meetings and training
  • evaluating the impact of Sports Premium spending at least annually
  • Children are taught strategies to access physical exercise, understanding its link to good mental and physical health
  • During rotation lessons children are taught the links to physical and mental well-being which will help them grow into resilient and well-rounded young people and adults

The planned impact of this expenditure is that pupils will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to live an active and healthy lifestyle. We also want children to be motivated to be physically active and participate in sport and activities outside of school.

For details of our Sports Premium spending in 2018-2019, including our evaluation of the impact it had and swimming assessments, please see the St George’s Sports Premium Overview 2018-19.

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