St George’s RC Primary School York


  • To make the teachings of Jesus alive and relevant to our lives today
  • To encourage EVERYONE in our school family to constantly ask the question WHY?
  • To develop a LOVE of learning for everyone
  • To encourage everyone to be life long and curious learners
  • To make everyone feel proud of themselves
  • To make everyone feel valued
  • To help children understand their place in the world


  • Christ and Love are at the centre of all that we do
  • We stand on the shoulders of giants
  • We TEACH and MODEL rather than assess
  • We make sure every teacher has outstanding subject knowledge
  • The teacher is the expert in the room and shares knowledge and facts with the children
  • We know that the best resource teachers have is EACH other ~ so we share all of our skills
  • We make sure that art, music, drama, DT, gardening, cookery, sculpture and local visits are just as important as maths and English
  • We make our learning environments just right for the children
  • We recognise the classroom environment as the ‘third teacher’. The TEACHER is the number one teacher at school, the children are number two and the environment is number three
  • We adapt and change things to suit each child
  • We have no public rewards or sanctions
  • Children choose their own levels in every lesson
  • All children take part in Collective Worship regardless of their own faith. We are a very spiritual school and come together every day to pray, sing and reflect
  • We use our context of living in YORK city centre as a thread that runs through our curriculum 
  • Children are respectful and tolerant as they have the amazing and unique opportunity to meet children from all faiths, backgrounds and ethnicities
  • Nothing is seen as a problem here


  • Catholic life of the school is outstanding
  • Children are HAPPY, confident learners
  • Children arrive in school every morning happy and excited
  • The teaching of knowledge and facts leads to independent, confident learners
  • Behaviour is outstanding
  • Welfare and personal development is outstanding
  • Children make excellent progress from their individual starting points

Subject Areas

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National Curriculum: Primary Curriculum

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