Sports Premium


From previous audits of physical activity and healthy lifestyles in our school, the outcomes showed that only a select number of pupils were engaging in the sports that were available.

During the academic year 2016-2017 we aim to show an improvement in physical activity and healthy lifestyles of our pupils.

We plan to do this by using the Sport Premium Funding ( ~ £8700 for the academic year 2016-2017) as follows:

Spent On


Actual Impact / Outcome


Element 1 (£290.50)

Element 2 (       )

Element 1:

To build on school games agenda to increase participation and competitive opportunities.

Aim for Silver Games mark.


> 3 x swimming teachers and pool hire once a week for the academic year.

( £3000)

> All children leaving at year 6 to be competent swimmers. Swimming lessons start with children in Year 4 and any new children in years 5 and 6.


Lunchtime and afterschool clubs by outside sports agencies

– Basketball Autumn Term (£210)

– York City Football Club  Autumn Term (£700)

– York City Knights Spring Term (£TBC)

>Increase participation in intra school competitions.


> Joining of competitive leagues for sports

(£50) – Football

>Increase participation in interschool competitions.


> Making links with sports clubs available in York and offer taster sessions for children in school.

(Up to £250)

>Encourage children to take part in sports outside of school.


> Coach travel to venues, for participation in sport competitions, outside of York.

(Up to £750)

>Increase in participation of sports and competition. Allow opportunity to progress to county and national finals.


> Provide Sport and Healthy Lifestyle workshops though the academic year.

(Up to £250)

>Encourage and instil a healthy lifestyle for the children in school.


> Provide cover for staff who are continuing their professional development.

(Up to £500)

>Allowing for staff to ensue CPD opportunities.


> Providing CPD opportunities for staff to increase their confidence, knowledge and skills.

(provided through YSSN)

>At least one staff member to attend swimming related courses. (£50 to sign up to ASA Charter)


>New Sports equipment

>Introduction of HI – 5 Netball into school. New netball equipment needed. (£500)


New permanent goalposts on the football pitch(es)

In the region of £2000

> Having pitches that are of good quality for participation in competitive sports.


Planned Expenditure: £8500.50

The planned impact of this expenditure is that pupils will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to live an active and healthy lifestyle. We also want children to be motivated to be physically active and participate in sport and activities outside of school.