Junior Chaplaincy Team

Chaplaincy work 2018/2019

 Chaplaincy work 2016/2017

In the Junior Chaplaincy Team we raise money for many charities and promote the spiritual side of school by being good role models and looking after everyone.

We organised a ‘Blue Tuesday’, when we raised money for WaterAid. Everyone in school donated £1 and came to school wearing blue. We raised a lot of money and it was a great success. For our usual assembly, there was a sea of blue instead of a sea of green uniform. We sent the money to WaterAid to help our ‘Friend School’ in Ghana.

We have close links with a school in Ghana and we have learned a lot more from them than they have learned from us. Some of their teachers came to visit us and some of our teachers went to Ghana.

We held a special Ghana Day where the whole school became exactly like the school in Ghana. We had NO electricity all day (no tea or coffees for teachers!), no stationery, only a small bottle of water each, no hot dinners, no computers or lights, no displays or equipment and chairs in rows (no tables). Some of us actually preferred school like this and several children said they found it easier to learn their times tables as our teachers were only allowed to teach us in ‘rote fashion’.

We also raised nearly £600 for the Nepal Earthquake appeal by hosting a mini bring and buy sale. We chose Nepal as many of our friends at St George’s are from Nepal and their families were affected by the earthquake.

We hold a CAFOD JC talent show every year which is very popular and allows lots of children to show off their talents! We have had breakdancers, singers, magicians and dancers!

This year (2016-2017) we are working in the local community to help people who live near school. We are also updating our quiet reflective area which is a special place in school where children can go and pray.

We welcomed Father Keiran Brady into school during the week of November 7th as part of our Parish Mission. We prepared a Mass with Father Keiran and then on Friday 11th November we helped in a special service for the Annointing of the Sick.

During lunchtime play with Mrs Humphries we are cutting out gold and silver stars for our parish remembrance Mass on Sunday 24th November. If someone has a family member or friend who has died during the year they can write their name on a star. The stars are displayed in church and they look beautiful.

We are also holding a special ‘Wear your Christmas Jumper to School’ day on Friday 16th December to raise money for the local SVP society.

St George’s Junior Chaplaincy Team