Junior Chaplaincy Team

Chaplaincy work 2019/2020

The motto of our Junior Chaplaincy is “Helping Children Meet God”.


Pope Francis has declared that October 2019 is an Extraordinary Month of Mission.
It is a time for everyone to think how they can share God’s love with everyone around the world.

There are 4 aims of #EMM2019
• To pray
• To be inspired by saints, martyrs and living people
• To learn more about mission
• To help oversees missions with prayer and money

The Junior Chaplaincy team led a liturgy to explain #EMM2019 to the whole school.

These are the things we are doing in school.

In RE, some classes will be learning about baptism and others will be learning about vocation, mission and service.

We will be saying a decade of the World Mission Rosary on Wednesdays in the library. Each decade of the rosary has different coloured beads, which represent a different continent. As you pray, you think about that continent.

We will be writing our mission, as individuals and as a class and making a display.

Each class has a Mission Together collection box on their class altar for small change (1p, 2p and 5p coins). Mission Together is a charity that enables children to help other children overseas.

Classes will also be saying the Mission Together prayer

May all the children
In the world
Share love
Share friendship and live
In the peace
Of God’s love.
Now and forever. Amen

What’s your mission? Remember your mission is not just for this month! 

Rosary on playtime

Chaplaincy work 2018/2019

Junior Chaplaincy – “Helping children meet God”

Our mission as members of the Junior Chaplaincy is to help the children in all classes meet God in liturgies, prayer, people and action.

Lent 2019

Our Lenten actions

The Sorry String prayer station

The season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, which this year was on 6th March.  Lent is a season of preparation, when we are invited to change our lives so we can experience fully the joy of Easter.

As Pope Francis said in 2015, “Lent is a time of renewal for the whole Church, for each community and every believer.”

Traditionally, Christians make an effort during Lent to pray more, to give something up or fast and to give money to people in need. This year at St George’s School we are adding another action – Care for Creation.

We hope that our Lenten activities will complement what you may already be doing at home. As Junior Chaplains we are going to support  children during Lent in class liturgies, assemblies and their Lenten journey. 

Every child has made a Lenten promise choosing one thing from the following areas: Pray – Fast – Give – Care for Creation


Children who chose to pray more have received the yellow wrist bands and will use Prayer Journey weekly.

Forgiveness prayer station

We have also set up Lenten prayer stations around the school.  They are designed to give pupils and staff the opportunity to pray in different creative ways.  The first three active prayer stations are Forgiveness (in the Hall) and Wilderness ( near the staff room) and the Sorry String in Y5/Y6 shared area.


Children who decided to fast (giving up things they like)  have received the purple wrist bands.


Every child in school has been encouraged to support CAFOD’s Give it Up Challenge this Lent.

They received a collection box for any coins – either spare change or money saved by giving up something.  Even the smallest coins will make a big difference when we collect them all together.

Care for Creation

Everybody in school-children and adults – will make an effort this Lent to reduce what we use and not waste resources, to reuse things and to recycle. We will be caring for our natural surroundings at school and where we live.

Ash Wednesday

We went to church on Wednesday 6th March for Mass where we all received ashes.

Bishop’s Visit

Bishop Terry Drainey will be visiting school on Wednesday 13th March.  He will join us for celebration, visit each class and bless our new nursery.

Wishing you a blessed Lent!

The Chaplaincy team


So far this year …

We welcomed our new pupils and staff in September and talked about the role of Junior Chaplaincy members and our plans for the coming year.

We prayed the rosary in lots of different ways in October – traditional, colouring, walking, using art and music and, our favourite, eating! We have also run some lunch time club during which the children were making a decade of the rosary using some wooden and plastic beads and the pipe cleaners.

We were invited by the SVP to welcome their guests at the Mass for the Sick at St George’s Church and help them with refreshments.

Altar servers received training from Canon Alan so they can serve at school Masses.

In November, we used special prayer cards to remember and pray for family members and friends who have died.

This Advent, our Holy Family figures travelled around school, visiting every class, helping us to reflect on God coming to this world as a baby and what this means for us. For the first time, they also went to the homes of several pupils.
We have also made some Christmas cards for the parishioners who will be visited by the members of the SVP at St George’s Church over the holiday.

We encouraged the whole school community to join us in helping disadvantaged people in York by donating items for Christmas gift bags to be made by Kitchen for Everyone.

St George’s Junior Chaplaincy Team, December 2018 update