Governing Body

The Governor’s handbook can be found under “Miscellaneous” on the school pindigo portal, along with a range of other documents and policies.

Current Membership of the Governing Body

NameGovernor TypeAppointing BodyCommittee MembershipAdditional ResponsibilitiesTerm of OfficeRelevant InterestsDate Interest StartedGovernor at another School
Dr Marika GattFoundation DiocesanMiddlesbrough DioceseStaffing, Curriculum & Standards
Chair of Governors20/11/2015-19/11/2019N/A
Ms Dee Patton-StathamHeadteacher By virtue of the officeAll committees other than Pay01/09/2016-N/A
Very Rev Canon Alan SheridanFoundation DiocesanMiddlesbrough DioceseStaffing, Curriculum & Standards
24/11/2017-23/11/2021N/AAll Saints RC Secondary
Mrs Christine NichollsFoundation DiocesanMiddlesbrough DioceseStaffing, Curriculum & StandardsSEND Governor12/12/2017- 11/12/2021N/A
Mrs Lyn BaxterFoundation DiocesanMiddlesbrough DioceseFinance, Premises, Health & Safety
Staffing, Curriculum & Standards
Vice Chair of Governors, Chair of Staffing01/12/2014-30/11/20181. School Uniform Supply - Get Branded
2. Printing Services Ceejay UK Ltd.
1. 01-05-2013

2. 01-05-2012
Mrs Ann MiddletonFoundation DiocesanMiddlesbrough DioceseFinance, Premises, Health & SafetyChair of Premises01/09/2018-31/08/2022N/A
Dr Rachel HodgsonFoundation DiocesanMiddlesbrough DioceseFinance, Premises, Health & SafetySafeguarding & Child Protection Governor01/09/2018-31/08/2022N/A
Mr Andrew David FraryParentParentsFinance, Premises, Health & Safety01/11/2018-31/10/2022tbctbctbc
Mr James ShuttParent ParentsStaffing, Curriculum & Standards01/10/2015-30/09/2019Teacher at Fulford school
Mrs Lorraine BradshawCo-opted (Staff Member)Governing BodyFinance, Premises, Health & Safety
Staffing, Curriculum & Standards
Mr John MyersStaffStaffFinance, Premises, Health & Safety01/11/2018-31/10/2022tbctbctbc
Mrs Amanda DownieAppointed Associate Member Governing BodyPay19/10/2017-18/10/2021
Mrs Sarah ToddAppointed Associate MemberGoverning BodyFinance, Premises, Health & Safety08/11/2017-07/11/2021N/A
Dr Elva AlmondFoundation DiocesanMiddlesbrough DioceseStaffing, Curriculum & StandardsAttending in preparation for membership of the Governing Body
Mr Magnus GallieFoundation DiocesanMiddlesbrough DioceseFinance, Premises, Health & SafetyAttending in preparation for membership of the Governing Body
Ms M. RileyClerk to the Governing BodyGovernance Services, City of York Council

Former Members of the Governing Body

These are former members of the Governing Body who have stopped serving in the last 12 months.

NameGovernor TypeAppointing BodyCommittee MembershipAdditional ResponsibilitiesTerm of OfficeRelevant InterestsDate Interest StartedGovernor at another School
Mr Allan ChambokoFoundation DiocesanMiddlesbrough DioceseCurriculum & Standards11/07/2016- July 2018
Mr Rob FarrowStaffStaffPremises13/07/2016-July 2018

2017-2018 Governing Body Attendance

(Attendance registers from Autumn 1 to Summer 1.  P = present, A = apologies, NA = absent with no apologies, R = resigned, w = withdrew majority of meeting)

Full Governing Body    
GOVERNOR19/10/2017 Ex-Ord08/11/201731/01/201802/05/201811/07/2018
Dee Patton-StathamHead TeacherPPPP
James ShuttParent GovernorAAPP
Lorraine BradshawCo-Opted Governor (Staff)PPPP
Rob FarrowStaff GovernorPPPA
Canon Alan SheridanFoundation GovernorPPAP
Marika Gatt (Chair of Governors)Foundation GovernorPPPP
Allan ChambokoFoundation GovernorAPPA
Lyn Baxter (Vice Chair)Foundation GovernorAPPP
Ann MiddletonFoundation GovernorPPPP
Rachel HodgsonFoundation GovernorAAPP
Christine Nichols (appointed 12-12-2017)Foundation GovernorxxNAA
Lynne Johns (appointed 19-10-2017 ; resigned 21-05-2018)LA GovernorxPPAx
Sarah Todd (resigned 14-09-2017)Parent Governorxxxxx
VacancyParent Governor
VacancyLA Governor
VacancyFoundation Governor
Sarah Todd (appointed 08-11-2017)Associate MemberxxAP
Amanda Downie (appointed 19-10-2017)*Associate Memberxxxxx
*Doesn't attend FGB meeting - appointed to support Pay Committee
In Attendance:
Mrs Christine Gilbert/Nichols (prospective Foundation Governor)In AttendancexPxxx
Caroline Buck*In Attendance - SBMxxxxx
Alexis Travis*In Attendance - SBMxxPxx
*Doesn't generally attend FGB meeting
Curriculum & Standards Committee (until 19-04-18)
Dee Patton-StathamHeadteacherPPP
Marika GattFoundation GovernorPPP
Christine Gilbert/Nichols (appointed 12-12-2017)Foundation GovernorPPP
Lynne Johns (Chair) (appointed 19-10-2017 ; resigned 21-05-2018)LA GovernorAPP
Allan ChambokoFoundation GovernorAAA
Sarah Todd (appointed 19-10-2017)Associate MemberAAP
Staffing Committee (until 19-04-18)
Dee Patton-StathamHeadteacherPPP
Canon Alan SheridanFoundationAPP
Marika GattFoundationPPP
Lyn Baxter (Chair)FoundationAAP
James ShuttParentPPNA
In Attendance:
Caroline Buck (SBM)In AttendancePPNA
Alexis Travis (SBM)In AttendancexPNA
(Chair of Finance Committee)In AttendancePPP
Premises, Health and Safety Committee (until 19-04-18)
Lorraine BradshawCo-Opted (Staff)PP
Rachel HodgsonFoundationPA
Dee Patton-StathamHeadteacherPP
Ann Middleton (Chair)FoundationPP
Rob FarrowStaffPP
In Attendance:
Caroline Buck (SBM)In AttendancePP
Alexis Travis (SBM)In AttendancexP
Finance Committee (until 19-04-18)
Lorraine BradshawCo-OptedPP
Dee Patton-StathamHeadteacherPA
Ann Middleton (Chair)FoundationPP
Sarah Todd (resigned 14-09-2018)ParentNAx
Sarah Todd (appointed 08-11-2017)Associate memberxA
In Attendance:
Caroline Buck (SBM)In AttendancePP
Adrian Fletcher (SBM)In AttendancexP
Alexis Travis (SBM)In Attendancexx
Marika Gatt (Chair of Governors)In AttendancePP
Lyn Baxter (Chair of the Staffing Cttee)In AttendancePP
Staffing, Curriculum & Standards Committee (from 19-04-18)
Dee Patton-StathamHeadteacher
Lyn BaxterFoundation Governor
Marika GattFoundation Governor
Allan ChambokoFoundation Governor
Christine Gilbert/Nichols (appointed 12-12-2017)Foundation Governor
James ShuttParent Governor
Canon Alan SheridanFoundation Governor
Lorraine BradshawCo-opted (staff)
Sarah Todd (appointed 08-11-2018)Associate Member
In Attendance:
Alexis TravisIn Attendance - SBM
Caroline BuckIn Attendance - SBM
Finance, Premises, Health & Safety Committee (from 19-04-18)
Lorraine BradshawCo-Opted (staff)P
Dee Patton-StathamHeadteacherP
Ann Middleton (Chair)FoundationP
Lyn Baxter (joined the cttee on 02-05-2018)Foundationx
Rachel HodgsonFoundationP
Sarah Todd (appointed 08-11-2017)Associate memberP
In Attendance:
Caroline Buck (SBM)In AttendanceP
Alexis Travis (SBM)In AttendanceP
Marika Gatt (Chair of Governors)In AttendanceP
Pay Committee
Canon Alan SheridanFoundationPPP
Marika Gatt (CoG)FoundationPPP
Ann Middleton (Chair of Finance and Premises, Health and Safety Cttees; post 19-04-2018 Chair of Finance, Premises, Health and Safety Cttee)FoundationPPP
Amanda DownieAppt Assoc. MemberNANANA
In Attendance
Dee Patton-StathamHeadteacherPPP

2016-2017 Governing Body Attendance

2015-2016 Governing Body Attendance

2014-2015 Governing Body Attendance